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Hello! My name is Charlotte, Charlie for short, and I am 6 and a half.

I am very excited now that the summer is here because Sapphire, The Viking and me will be going loads to our favourite magic Isle.


The very first time we went was a long time ago when I was 5 and a half. Granny took us in her car. I remember just before we got there, we drove down a very steep hill and Granny shouted “Wheeeee” (Now we call it the Wheee Hill.) After the Wheee Hill you go down a secret lane; through a hidden gate: through lots and lots of trees into an enormous garden. Granny’s friends Trisseen and J’ree, who live there, were waitingSigned-Sapphire for us.
I think you want to know about Sapphire and The Viking don’t you? Well, she  is my sister and she is 4.
The Viking is my little brother and he is 2 and three quarters.Signed-Viking-BW
The Viking isn’t his real name.When he was really little someone gave him a helmet with horns on it.
He liked it so much he even wore it in bed!
Would you like to know why I called it a magic Isle? That’s because of the rhyme:
On the Isle of Oug, there’s a magical wood:
The Wood of a Thousand Trees
Our first visit to the Isle of Oug was full of fun. We ran races on a huge lawn. The Viking found a garden sprinkler and got very wet then we tried to catch fish. We didn’t go into the wood but we saw a strange castle far away in the trees. We didn’t know about the magic then but I can’t wait to tell you about our adventures in my blog each Sunday.
See you next week
Charlie x
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