Blog 5

Hello everyone it’s me, Charlie.

Did I tell you that it’s Sapphire’s birthday this week? Well, as a surprise present I thought I would let her write this week’s Blog. So goodbye from me til next week. Charlie x

Hello everyone. My name is Sapphire and I’m 5 years and 2 days old.

I like going to the Isle of Oug and the Wood of a Thousand Trees. I love all the things in the garden. Sapphire gate for Blog VThere’s a special wooden gate, if you open it you go into the vegetable garden. Trisseen showed it to me. She said I wouldn’t be able to open it but I did, all by my own. Now J’ree and Trisseen call it Sapphire’s gate. You can find it on the map of the Isle of Oug.Yesterday I helped J’ree pick some pretty flowers. Some were Sweet Peas for Blog Vpink and some were white and they had a lovely smell. They’re called Sweet Peas. You can see the things that look like pea pods. You mustn’t eat them as they are poisonous. 

One day I’d like to help plant lettuces and carrots.   Garden roller Blog VNear the vegetable garden under some trees Charlie, The Viking and me found a great big rolling thing. Granny says if you push it it makes the ground flat.We tried to push it but it was very heavy. I said “We need another person to help us” but Granny, Trisseen and J’Ree were too busy talking.

I like making things tidy. I like to pick up the twigs and leaves and things that lie round the pond. When everything is picked up I use a little rake and make patterns in the earth. It looks very nice. The best bit is when I help J’ree carry eggs to put on the lawn to feed the ravens. Soon a huge black bird flies down and takes an egg in his beak. He flies back lots until all the eggs are gone. J’Ree says the ravens keep the pigeons away. Pigeons eat the vegetables. Ravens eat eggs. If the ravens have enough eggs they won’t steal eggs from other birds nest.
I love the whole of the garden.

Sapphire xxxxxxx

News from the Isle of Oug:  remember the baby hare last week?  Trisseen has now seen two baby hares (called Leverets) and filmed one of them before sunrise this week:

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