Blog 2

Hello! It’s me, Charlie!

Last week I told you how Sapphire, The Viking and me discovered a fairy castle.

Food for the birds

Food for the birds

We didn’t visit the Isle of Oug so often in the Winter but quite often we helped J’ree put out food for the birds and we’d go to the wood to look at the castle. Trisseen told us the fairies come back when the buds on the Mulberry tree open. Mulberry trees are very clever. Leaves appear when  the tree knows there’s not going to be another frost. Digi'd No leavesFor ages and ages we watched the Mulberry tree. Then, just before Daddy’s birthday, the leaves came. It was humungously exciting. Sapphire and me ran to the wood and tiptoed along the path – the castle lights were on – the fairies were back. We didn’t want to frightenSigned lights on!digi'd them so we tiptoed away. Just as well, because just then we heard The Viking shouting very loudly indeed,  “Peter Rabbit.” In the middle of the enormous lawn sat a huge hare. The Viking ran very fast shouting “Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit” Of course the hare ran away. The Viking started to cry he was so sad that Harry the Hare wouldn’t play with him. After we’ve been in the garden we always take off our muddy boots before going into  the house. The Viking always falls over trying to leverets digi'dtake his boots off. It’s very funny. So he sits on a step to take them off.

On that day he didn’t like us laughing at him because he was very very sad the hare had run away. The next thing was Trisseen showed him some pictures of Harry and his brother when they were very tiny. “They’re sitting on my step” squeaked The Viking. He was all happy again. More next week……….

                                   Charlie x
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