Blog 3

Hello! It’s me – Charlie

I’ve just had a wonderful day at the Isle of Oug. But last week I promised I’d tell you how our adventures began. 

castle digi'd

On our second visit,  Sapphire, The Viking and me went into the wood. We walked along a winding path round a corner and there……………was the castle. It’s beautiful. Inside was an empty room.  “It’s a fairy castle” whispered Sapphire.

Near the castle there’s a stream. There were lots of leaves in it. Sapphire loves tidying things so she started to pick up the leaves.  The Viking and I went exploring. Sitting at the bottom of a tree was a squirrel. He ran up the tree when he saw us. He must have eaten nuts because The Viking filled his pockets with loads of empty hazelnut shells.

V-+-S-stream Digi'dWhen we got back to the stream Sapphire had tidied up the leaves and dug out some of the mud so the water ran really fast. We had lots of fun. We floated the hazelnut shells in the stream like little boats. Sapphire said ‘I think fairies would like to sail in  these”.

I said, “Let’s go back to the castle”. When we got there we sawpeering digi'd there was a light inside. It was so exciting – there was a light  – it must have been a candle. It was at the top of a staircase. “There must be fairies living here” I whispered. I thought I saw the silver tip of a fairy’s wing as she went down the stairs. We tiptoed away. 

Trisseen and J’ree were very pleased with all the tidying Sapphire had done. “I like the stream and I like putting the boats in the stream.” she said. 

Next week I’ll tell you about ‘Harry’ and how he refuses to play with us. 

Charlie x


Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.


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