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Hello! It’s me – Charlie

Now that the fairies are back Sapphire, The Viking and me have been to visit the castle lots. You have to be very quiet when you look inside otherwise you wouldn’t see the tip of a fairy’s wing like I did.

Once when we looked through the windows there was a table and a fireplace and a mirror. The last time, a rug and two gold dogs were there.

And guess what – there were boats in the stream! We floated the boats. DSCN0019They were made from walnut shells.They’re bigger than hazelnut shells. They had masts and red and green sails. The boats were painted different colours. The Viking fell in the stream.  It was very funny indeed.  He laughed too.  Sapphire got stung by a stinging nettle.  Trisseen said she should rub it with a dock leaf.  Dock leaves make a sort of wet stuff if you squeeze them, and the wet stuff stops the sting from the nettle itching.  Sapphire was very brave and said it didn’t matter. 

RacesWe ran to tell Trisseen all about it. She laughed too and asked us if we would like to run some races. Well, races are The Viking’s favourite thing. We always fetch some flower pots and put them in a row on the lawn. Mine is at the back, Sapphire’s is in the middle and The Viking’s is at the front. We stand by the pots and Trisseen shouts “Ready steady go” and off we run round a tree and back to our flower pot. Sometimes Sapphire and I let The Viking come first. Our legs are much longer but he does love to win.

After the races we sat under a tree and eat delicious sticky buns that J’ree had made.

And then……J’ree told us that Harry the Hare’s mummy had had another baby but it was too tiny for us to visit it at the moment. Here’s a photo.  You can just see its eyes and ears!                                             New baby! cropped

Yesterday was our best time ever at The Isle of Oug.
Next week – Sapphire’s birthday!


Charlie x
Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.      


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