Blog 7

Hello it’s me – Charlie

Yesterday we went to the Isle of Oug and had the most
fan-dabbi-dozi day!Throne room
The Viking missed the Wheee! Hill because he was sound asleep. When Granny drove through the hidden gate she stopped the car, because Trisseen was there and wanted Sapphire and me to run through the Wood of a Thousand Trees to the Fairy Castle where something had happened.
Through the window we saw the flickering light again.We could just see the top of the staircase that goes down underground. Inside, the golden throne, the two gold dogs, the mirror, the table and the candelabra were all there but underneath the table was a much bigger carpet than before. “Maybe someone special is coming” I whispered.
DSC00086“I’m going to the stream” said Sapphire so off we went. Well………we couldn’t believe our eyes. The boats were there AND as well was THE most beautiful boat. It wasn’t in the stream. It was on a sort of cradle. It was longer than the other boats. It had a purple top (Granny says it’s called a canopy) and a purple throne and a gold chain archway above the throne. It was truly beautiful. “This must belong to the Queen of the Fairies” whispered Lara.
 Just then Trisseen, Granny and The Viking appeared. “There’s my crane” he shouted. Sapphire and me hadn’t noticed the yellow crane that he often plays with on the terrace outside Trisseen and J’ree’s house. It was beside the Queen’s boat.   “The elves took it” said The Viking and ran off. “What do you mean?” asked Sapphire, but our noisy little brother had disappeared.

He’d gone to see the Dancing Man he found last week.

So we all went to see the enormous statue and Trisseen told us his story.

“The Dancing Man is the King of the Wood of a Thousand Trees. He looks after the Flora (grown-up word for plants) and Fauna (grown-up word for animals) and likes to make sure everyone is happy.

Every month when there’s a full moon he has a party for everyone in the Wood. He likes playing music on his recorder and tambourine, but best of all he is very good at teaching children to click their fingers. He is actually a kindly wizard and when he clicks his fingers in a special way Magic happens.” Can you click?

Wow! I wonder if magic will happen to us. I think there’s going to be lots more to tell you next week
                                            Charlie x


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