Blog 8

Hello  it’s me Charlie

All this week Sapphire, The Viking and me practised clicking our fingers hoping some of the Dancing Man’s magic Party Blog 8might happen to us. Sapphire is very good at clicking, I’m quite good but The Viking’s fingers just wouldn’t click. So…… when we went to the Isle of Oug he said “Me not speak to the Dancing Man” and ran off to try and catch fish. (Granny chased after him in case he fell into the pond!!).
Sapphire loves gardening so she went off to help J’ree. To get to the vegetable garden you have to go through the gate that’s called after her (you can find ‘Sapphire’s Gate’ on the map of the Isle of Oug).
I walked off to see the Dancing Man and practise my finger clicking. Last week Trisseen told us that when there’s a full moon he has a party for everyone who lives in the Wood. There was a full moon this week and, do you know something, the moon was closer to the earth than it has ever been for years and years.
The Queen of the Fairies A fairy pulled the bargemust have been invited to the party, that was why we saw her big boat (Granny says it’s called a barge). I tiptoed to the stream. Yes, the barge was still there. The other boats were in a little harbour. I sat down quietly and practised clicking my fingers. Suddenly, I felt really small and then I saw something extraordinary………..a fairy was pulling a boat into the water. I simply couldn’t believe it and rubbed my eyes. When I looked again the boat was there but the fairy had gone. I must have frightened her away. I tiptoed out of the wood and then ran as fast as I could to tell everyone.
Trisseen, J’ree and Sapphire were sitting under a tree. SapphireBrandy-Boy-Blog-8
had been really busy helping J’ree harvest the cucumbers growing in the green house. “Look at these”, she squealed. In a little box was a cucumber, lots of little tomatoes and two enormous tomatoes “I picked these” she said “they’re called Brandy Boys”
Just then we heard lots of laughter and round the corner came The Viking and Granny. The Viking had found the water sprinkler – he was soaking wet and…………….so was Granny!

Final sprinkler Blog 8They were laughing, and we all started laughing because they looked so funny.
J’ree gave us all yummy buns and lemonade he’d made and then………..I told them…………………..
Charlie x

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