Blog 9

Hello it’s me Charlie

This week’s been very busy, there’s been lots to do on the Isle of Oug. When we arrived The Viking and I decided to try very hard to catch some fish and Sapphire disappeared into the
vegetable garden.

We’d nearly reached the pond when Sapphire shouted “Hey you guys” – she always calls us ‘guys’ when she wants us to do something – “I need some help”.

My goodness there was lots to do. Now, although she’s only 5, Sapphire is a very very good organiser. Wiggly beansDSC00151First she told me to pick the runner beans. It was fun when I found the great big curly one. As fast as I picked Sapphire carefully cut them up ready for cooking. She told The Viking to harvest the two enormous marrows. He managed to lift them, he’s only 3 but he’s very strong. And then Sapphire said that Trisseen and J’ree needed carrots for supper. The Viking and I had good fun pulling them up. Some were a really funny shape.

Then The Viking went to the greenhouse to pick tomatoes. He likes that the best. Sapphire was still cutting up beans so I went to look at the plum tree. There were HUNDREDS of purple plums but they were still hard and not ripe enough to pick.Boots at the door

Then, guess what, The Viking had vanished. He wasn’t in the vegetable garden; he wasn’t in the greenhouse; he wasn’t running races; we called and called. And then Granny saw his blue wellingtons outside the back door of the house.

Viking - tomatoesShe went in and found The Viking sitting cross-legged in the middle of the sitting room floor with his trug on his knee eating the tomatoes he’d picked. We were all very  pleased to see him.

“I think it’s time for a treat” said Trisseen, “come into the kitchen.” “Please can we have some of the nice smelly bread” said The Viking. “How did you know there was nice bread?” Trisseen asked. “ I see’d it when I comed in to eat my tomatoes” he said. We all laughed and then we ate the delicious bread fresh from the oven.

Well, I will have to tell you what happened at the Fairy Castle next week because it was AMAZING! But I can tell you that Trisseen’s grandchildren, Hannah and Isabella who are twins and 4 and a quarter, saw lots of fairies even though they couldn’t click their fingers! And they sang Wheeeee as they went down the Wheeee Hill.   Loads more to tell you next week.    Charlie x



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