Blog 14

Hello it’s me Charlie

It seems a very long time since I wrote to you all.  Three weeks ago was The Viking’s birthday blog. After that was the quiz and then the story of The Viking helping Granny preserve the vegetables and fruit we’d harvested.

Actually, I’m a bit sad that Autumn’s here. I’m sad because when the leaves of the mulberry tree have dropped off the branches all the fairies leave and won’t be back until next year. The Queen of the Fairies has already gone. We know that because when we looked through the window  of the Castle the candelabra, the golden throne, the two golden cat statues, and the big carpet had all gone. The small carpet that used to be there before the Queen arrived was back on the floor. I walked to the stream and saw the Queen’s barge had gone and so had the wooden cradle that it’s kept on when it’s out of the water.

Sapphire loves Autumn because the leaves on some of the trees on the Isle of Oug have DSCN0034turned golden and have dropped to the ground. Sapphire says that it makes the paths through The Wood of a Thousand Trees look as if they’re paved with gold. 

yellow night light BLOG XIV copy

“Come and look at this” shouted Sapphire. “Inside the castle I can see a nightlight I always thought there were flaming torches on the staircase”. Before I could say anything The Viking had put his hand inside and taken the nightlight out. “It’s J’rees it’s J’rees” he said as loud as loud can be.  “So it is”, said Sapphire. “The elves moved it” said The Viking. “What do you mean” I asked but he’d already run off to the vegetable garden so we followed. J’ree was very pleased indeed when The Viking gave him the nightlight back. He told us he keeps two nightlights in the greenhouse because now that it’s Autumn it gets dark earlier and when he’s working in the greenhouse in the evening he needs some light to see what he is doing. “How on earth did it get into the Fairy Castle?” said J’ree. “The elves took it” said The Viking. “Don’t be silly” said Sapphire. “I’m not silly I know they took it to see in the dark. I know they took it because they’re always tooking my crane.” Now that’s very true, The Viking’s crane is always being moved from the terrace to the stream. Anyway, J’ree was very pleased to have his nightlight back. Digid Crane & Elf & Ougarian driver
“D-y-know-something?” said The Viking “the Queen flied away on the big carpet.” “How do you know that?” Sapphire and me asked  at the same time – but he’d run away and when we found him he was beside the Mulberry tree stuffing Mulberries into his mouth. We still haven’t found out how he knows all these things.

Til next week

Charlie x

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