Hello it’s me Charlie and…. it’s me Sapphire

This week’s  blog is a bit different. Wednesday was The Viking’s birthday. We started school that day so he was sad. He cheered up when Trisseen asked him to the Isle of Oug. He was very excited.  He can’t read yet and he can’t write so Granny listened to what he was saying and wrote it down. Sometimes she asked him questions. So, everyone – here is The Viking’s Blog.

“I’m big now and I’m 3. It’s my birthday and I gived Trisseen and J’ree a present. A red jam doughnut and  tomatoes I growed in

Granny’s garden.tomatoes Blog XIDoughnuts

“I like fishing. I want to catch a fish but they hide from me. There was a big green dragonfly at the pond. Trisseen took a photo. 

If you look really hard you can see its funny face. 

Dragonfly Blog XI

I can run very fast. I ran to see the fairies and the stream. The Queen’s barge was sinked so I rescued it. It was a bit wet so I put it on a stone to dry in the sunshine. I looked in the castle, I saw the Queen of the Fairies. She’s very beautiful and seems kind. Streena says she comes from Egypt where the pyramids are.

I rescued the purple cushion from the barge and put it into the castle so she would be comfortable. I think she will be impressed.Queen Blog XI

I picked up a little stick and dug out some of the leaves in the stream. The water ran really fast and the boats sailed really really fast.

Then I found a big stick and hit a tree trunk and hit some of the branches. I talked to them “Please come down, Pleeease come down”
Granny asked why I was hitting the tree.

J’ree teaches people and horses to jump. He builds jumps and he needs lots of wood.  Some of the jumps are straight and some are shaped like a kiss. Some of the jumps are very high and some are not high at all. The Fairy Queen can jump the high jumps. She rides a cow.

I like going to J’ree and Trisseen’s garden by my own and no girls. I’m very happy to be a big boy.  The Viking x Aged 3

Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.


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