Hello it’s me Charlie

I can hardly believe this is  BLOG number 12.
Sapphire, The Viking and me have had so many adventures over the last few weeks. Lots of you have enjoyed reading about them so Sapphire and me thought we’d have a competition. The first person to send us the correct answers will get a special prize and everyone who enters will get a free gift.  Only send me an e-mail with your answers and don’t forget to add your name and address!

 1. Who did The Viking blame for moving his crane? (BLOG 7)

Raven with The Eggs

Raven with ?

2. What do ravens eat? (BLOG 5 )

DSC001513. What was Sapphire cutting up in the vegetable garden? (BLOG 9) 
Digi'd No leaves         

         4. What is special about the Mulberry tree? (BLOG 2)

 5. What happened when Charlie clicked her fingers? (BLOG 8)

6. Who did The Viking discover in The Wood of a Thousand Trees? (BLOG 6)

7. What presents did The Viking give to Trisseen and J’ree? (BLOG 11)

New baby! cropped
8. Who did J’ree find hiding in the long grass?(BLOG 4)
9. What is the colour of the canopy and cushion on the Queen of the Fairies barge? (BLOG 10)
10. Can you list three pieces of furniture in the fairy castle?

The answers are all in the Blogs. Happy searching and Good Luck.

Charlie x

Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.


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