Blog 13

Hello it’s me Charlie

Do you know some people think 13 is an unlucky number. But Blog 13 has turned out to be a really lucky number for The Viking. Do you remember when Sapphire, The Viking and me helped J’ree and Trisseen harvest the vegetables? Well, if you don’t eat them instantly you have to do things to preserve them. So, as Sapphire and I were at school, The Viking helped Granny in the kitchen and
he wants to tell you all about it.

Big tomato Blog 13 

Hello it’s me and I’ve been very busy. Ages and ages ago I picked lots of tomatoes. Some were little and some were very big. Stirring Blog 13 Granny chopped some onion things called shallots and cut up lots of tomatoes and I put them in a huge pan and I put in sugar and vinegar and then Granny put the pan on the stove and I stirred it.  When it was ready we put all the stuff into jam jars. It’s called chutney. Granny made some labels and I stuck them on the jars. I’m going to give a jar to Mummy and Daddy and Trisseen and J’ree. 

                                     Tom Chut Blog 13
My sisters and me helped pick pears. Granny showed me how to peel them with a potato peeler.
Peeling pears Blog 13 Then she cut them up and I put the slices into glass jars. Then Granny gave me a jug of cold water and I filled the glass jars right up to the top. Granny screwed Pears Blog 13on the tops and then she put the jars into the oven. They were in for ages and ages. But the next day they were ready. Granny says we can eat bottled pears all through the winter. 

Stone jar Blog 13
When Granny was little she said lots of people didn’t have fridges so they kept vegetables fresh in different ways. Granny showed me how to cut up runner beans the way Sapphire did. Then she got a stone jar and I poured lots of salt in the bottom and then I put in some beans and then some more salt and then more beans until the jar was filled to the top.  Then I put the stone lid on the jar and Granny put it in the larder to keep.

Yesterday Charlie, Sapphire and me went to the Isle of Oug. The mulberry tree had loads and loads of mulberries on it. I eated loads.  Yum-yum.  Trisseen and J’ree said we could eat as many as we liked. Then J’ree bringed us some chocolate dream buns he’d cooked.  Yum-yum. Yum-yum!choc.biscs no.2 Blog 13


Charlie was sad to see the mulberries because it means that Autumn is here and soon the fairies will leave the Isle of Oug and not come back til next year.  In the fairy castle we saw the throne, the Egypshun cats and the big carpet had gone.  The Queen’s barge wasn’t there.  We saw a candle, not the other things when the Queen is there. I expect the
Fairy Queen flies away on the big carpet.

The Viking xxxx I’m 3 years and 8 days old.

Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.



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