Blog 18

Hello, it’s me Charlie

Grandpa phonedWell, we’ve been very busy getting organised. Sapphire, The Viking and me spoke to Grandpa about our secret thank you present for Trisseen and J’ree. He was so pleased with us for thinking about doing it that he said of course he would telephone them and arrange a time when he could talk about music. So…….Grandpa and J’ree had a long talk about ‘recordings’ (we’re not sure what that means). Anyway, Grandpa has some that J’ree doesn’t have and J’ree has some that Grandpa doesn’t have so they agreed to meet next Saturday. I The Viking paintingsuppose they’re going to swap ‘recordings’. We are just so pleased that we’ll be able to take our presents next week.

So….. the pots. Granny had got some special paint and 3 brushes, she spread newspaper on the stone slabs in her garden and we put the pots in a line and then looked at Sapphire’s plan (Blog 17). Painting the pots was very tricky because The Viking wanted to paint too but he can’t write yet. He got very cross so Sapphire and I said he could paint patterns on the pots. Then Sapphire wasn’t very happy because the pots didn’t look so neat but at least The Viking wasn’t cross anymore. We taught him how
to draw a ‘V’ for the last pot that made him very happy indeed.

We had great fun planting the pots. First Granny let us smash up some old pots to put in the bottom of our pots Then……we chose two pots each and put some compost in and then carefully planted our bulbs and then we covered them over with more compost. Granny then told us to put a layer of grit on the top. It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to see them flower.

We can’t go to the Isle of Oug this week because it’s half term and we are going on holiday. So we’ve been busy packing. I’ve got a purple suitcase on wheels, Sapphire’s got a blue backpack and The Viking’s got a backpack that looks like a ladybird.
It’s cold and windy today and we’re worried about the animals. ladybird backpackIt’s cold and windy today and we’re worried about the animals.Sapphire thinks the ravens’ll be alright because they’re big and strong. The Viking thinks the fish will be unhappy because the pond will be very cold now. Next week after we’ve shown Trisseen and J’ree their presents Sapphire wants to help J’ree fill the food containers that hang from a tree so the little birds will have enough to eat. And……..we need to look and see if the Mulberry tree still has its leaves on.

Have a lovely half-term.


Charlie x




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