Hello, it’s me Charlie

We couldn’t go to the Isle of Oug yesterday because it rained so much. Sapphire said it was a monsoon.
Sapphire is kind and thoughtful and she said she thought it  would be nice if we gave J’ree and Trisseen a thank you present for all the lovely times we’ve
Sapphire BLOG XVIhad this year. “Let’s make some cakes”, suggested The Viking – he always thinks  of food.Spring bulbs BLOG XVI  “I know”, said Sapphire, “let’s buy some bulbs. We can plant them in the garden bit round the Fairy Castle.”

Sapphire loves the garden and always wants to help planting and weeding and harvesting fruit and vegetables and tidying up leaves and things. So….. Granny  took us to a garden centre and we bought some bulbs. The packets have lovely pictures on them so we chose tulip bulbs, all different colours and snowdrops and narcissi and jonquil- they look like dainty daffodils and iris. “We must keep this a secret.” I told the others. “Somehow we have to work out how we are going to plant the bulbs without Trisseen and J’ree seeing us so they’ll have a lovely surprise when the bulbs grow and the flowers appear in the Spring.”

Daffodil fairy BLOG XVIGranny said she had visited the Isle of Oug in the spring, and The Wood of a Thousand Trees was filled with snowdrops in February and March.  It was like a white carpet, she said. In April there were quite a lot of daffodils, but by the time the fairies arrived in May only a few  daffodils were there.  Granny said Trisseen knew that the fairies like to play in all flowers, so  daffodils that flower in May would be fab-dabi-dozi!     

Suddenly, Sapphire and me both thought of something. Do you remember The Viking’s secret? He Crane-furniture BLOG XVIwouldn’t tell us about the elves? But he did promise to tell us this week. “Please tell us” Sapphire and me both said together. “Well”, said The Viking, looking all important, “ one day the Dancing Man tried to teach me to click my fingers. I try but I can’t reach, like the baby in Blog 7. Then I heard an engine noise so I ran to the castle and there was my crane. The elves had tooken it AGAIN. I was a bit cross. But the elves were helping the fairies move the furniture out of the castle. A small elf drived the crane, he was taking away the table and a carpet. I don’t think the fairies’ll live there anymore.” The Viking started to cry. “Don’t cry” I said, “the fairies will stay til the leaves have dropped off the Mulberry tree.Then they’ll be back when Jack Frost has gone in May” The Viking stopped crying and ran off to look at the Mulberry tree.
“How amazing” said Sapphire, “elves……I’ve only ever seen fairies”
She’s right it is amazing because The Viking has been talking about elves for ages. More magic………..
Charlie x

Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.


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