Blog 17

Hello it’s me Charlie

This week, Sapphire, The Viking and me have been very busy indeed. D’you remember?, last week we decided bulbs would be a fab thank you present for Trisseen and J’ree. The problem is we want to keep it secret so they’ll have a HUGE surprise. We’ve had 4 Meetings to work out all our plans.


Aconites-WebWhen we bought the bulbs last week. We got snowdrops and things that look like blue daisies. The name on the packet says Anemone Blanda Blue. We got yellow winter aconite and yellow narcissi and we got bluebells. We also got some beautiful red and yellow striped tulips. I thought it would be fun to plant them in the garden of the fairy castle. But Sapphire, who loves gardening and sometimes helps J’ree weeding and tidying and collecting apples and stuff, said that we should plant the bulbs in lovely pots so that Trisseen and J’ree could put their thank you presents anywhere they liked. The Viking and me thought that was a wonderful idea.


How to plant the bulbs. Sapphire likes everything neat and tidy so she drew an amazing plan. Pots
If you look at it you’ll see what a brilliant idea it is. The pots are all in a row and the bulbs are planted with the tall flowers in the outside pots and the little ones in the middle. All of a sudden I had an idea. “D’you think we could paint ‘Thank you’ on the pots?”, I asked. But Sapphire had a much better idea. You can see it on the plan.  I think she will be a famous gardener one day.



We realised we’ll have to ask Granny to take us back to the garden centre to buy 6 pots. And then we spent ages and ages wondering how we could get the pots to the Isle of Oug without Trisseen and J’ree seeing us.

Well, I had a fan-dabi-dozi idea.”Grandpa loves music and so do J’ree and Trisseen. I thought it would be brillywags if Grandpa phoned them and asked could he come one Saturday to talk about music.

He could drive to the hidden gate and then Granny and Sapphire and The Viking and me could get out of the car and hide in The Wood of Thousand Trees.

Then Grandpa could drive up the long drive to the house and J’ree and Trisseen would never guess we were there.  Then, when he’s inside,  we could creep up to The Vikings step (Blog 2) take the pots out and put them in a row by the step.You can see on the map where we plan to go so that J’ree and Trisseen won’t see us.

Sapphire and The Viking thought that was a terrific idea. The Viking started jumping up and down “I want to go and tell them to come and see a SURPRISE” he shouted.

Sapphire and me both said he could






Ask Grandpa to phone J’ree and Trisseen

Plant the bulbs

Paint the words on the pots

Whew it’s been a busy week
Charlie x


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