Blog 21

Hello it’s me Charlie
Sapphire, The Viking and me haven’t been to the Isle of Oug for AGES but we’ve been very very busy this week. Because……………
Glueing & paintingthis week it’s Trisseen’s birthday and we’ve been making birthday cards for her. We’re trying to make a model of the Fairy Castle but it’s very difficult and I’m not sure if we’ll to make it in time. But we are making cards with lots of painting and glueing and sparkles and bits of ribbon. I’d better not tell you any more because I’m not sure if Trisseen reads the Blog and we want to keep her cards a secret. 

Also – Sapphire and The Viking are practising the words for the Christmas plays they are in. I’m practising the song I’m singing. 

So……….. speak next week?

Charlie x

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