Blog 20

Hello everyone, it’s me Charlie

I can’t believe this is my 20th Blog. There’s lots of exciting news to tell you. Charlie’s-Chat is changing. I’m very excited because I’m going to start writing stories about the fairies who live in the Castle on the Isle of Oug, in The Wood of a Thousand Trees.  By next year you’ll be able to buy the books.

Sapphire BLOG XVIAs so many of you enjoy the Blog, my sister Sapphire is going to write the Blogs. It’ll still be called Charlie’s-Chat. When I first started, I told the stories to Granny who typed them for me. Now I’m seven I write them for myself in a notebook and then Granny types them and Trisseen draws the fabbi dabbi dosi pictures.



Sapphire is five so Granny will type what she says.        

You know how much Sapphire loves the garden so I think she will be telling loads about the plants and the animals.Pan-for-Blog-6

The Viking was ever so pleased I wasn’t going to write the Blog anymore because he’s bursting to tell you his stories about the Elves.


Sapphire and me have never seen an elf but he seems to know lots about them.

His elves have very very busy lives.

I’m also sure he’ll tell you lots of magic about the Dancing Man as well.castle digi'd

We’d a lovely time at the Isle of Oug yesterday. After the frost on Wednesday, the leaves of the Mulberry tree were nearly all gone. Sapphire, The Viking and me ran to the fairies’ Castle.
It was empty, no fairies no furniture and no flickering lights. The fairies won’t be back until next year’s buds open on the Mulberry tree. We all felt a bit sad.


Snail Blog XX

So many of the birds and animals who live on the Isle of Oug will need help from us to make sure they’re safe during the Winter. But the humungous Roman snails will be very happy that it’s Winter. They don’t like sunshine and are very happy living in the undergrowth of The Wood of a Thousand Trees. Roman snails eat lots of different plants, vegetables, flowers and leaves. They’re also very naughty and eat some of J’ree’s Hostas. AND d’yknow – Roman snails live ’til they’re about 10-years-old.  The Romans brought them here years and centuries ago because they are good to eat! Yukety-yuk and double Yuk!

The REALLY exciting thing is that before Christmas my Blogs are going to be published as a book. In two weeks time we will tell you how you can buy a copy for yourself and for your friends.

Charlie x

Copyright ©Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of 2014.



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