Granny’s Page for Grown-ups

 Copyright: © Elizabeth Gledhill and Christine Shine, content owners of, and Charlie's Chat, 2014

A short note to all Grown-ups from Charlie’s Grandmother

Charlie’s Blog is about the wonderful childhood adventures my grandchildren are having on the Isle of Oug.

Inspired by their experiences, their language and their imagination, my friend Trisseen and I decided to write a few picture books, using text taken from stories dictated to me by Charlie as captions to the illustrations. That was last year…….now that Charlie is six and a half she can write for herself, and so this Blog was born: it captures a world of discovery and innocence; fantasy and fun.

Charlie’s story began last year when Trisseen invited us all to come and play on the Isle of Oug.  Trisseen and her husband J’ree have created a paradise-on-earth. The magnificent grounds surrounding their house are a perfect setting for children to explore; try fishing; run races; learn the names of plants and trees as well as discovering the habitats and antics of birds and other animals.

The children also enjoy picnics – eating the delicious treats which J’ree (who is a talented cook as well as a knowledgable gardener) prepares for us all.  You can understand how captivated the children are with this magical place where they are free to  stretch their imagination .

As grown-ups, you will appreciate our concerns about putting the children out on the Worldwide Web. have ensured that parental consent forms have been signed and good advice from to have photographs of the back of the children  and suchlike has made them safe.  And even though Trisseen, J’ree, Charlie, Sapphire and The Viking are all real people, their names have been changed. I  hope you enjoy following the adventures – both real and imagined – that my grandchildren continue to enjoy on ‘The Isle of Oug’.

Granny   (for three little people, that is my real name!)   

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