Blog 23

Hello it’s me – Charlie
Blog 23 flamencoIt’s been such a fun week at school. Loads of rehearsals for our Class Nativity Play. Our play was called ‘Christmas around the World’. We told the Christmas story with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus and Angels. The shepherds and the Three Kings came to see the baby. And……… well as that – children from all around the world came too.

Our teacher put us into groups of six. Each group dressed up in the National costume of the countryBlog 23 Cowboy they were acting. The countries were Hawaii, India, America (cowboys!), China, Africa and Spain. I was in the Spanish group and dressed up as a flamenco dancer. Our group danced and sang it was such fun. We did the play twice and all the Mummies and Daddies and Grannies and Grandpas and cousins and aunties loved it. We got lots and lots and lots of applause.

Sapphire and me still can’t get The Viking to tell us what he is in his play. Mummy and Daddy are very proud of him that he can keep a secret for such a long time. 

It’s only ELEVEN sleeps til Christmas morning. 

Charlie x

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