Blog 22

Hello everyone, it’s me Charlie
Sapphire, The Viking and me have had another exciting week. We’ve been practising for our school concerts. Viking Angel Blog 22The Viking says he’s something ‘special’ in his playgroup play. He won’t tell us because he says it’s a secret. Sapphire and me wonder if he is going to be an angel. That would be very funny because he is often very naughty.
The best thing is that yesterday morning we went shopping with Daddy to buy Mummy’s Christmas present. And then in the afternoon we went shopping with Mummy to buy Daddy’s Christmas presents Blogg 22Christmas present. We have also been making ‘things’ at Granny’s house. We are hiding Mummy and Daddy’s presents at Granny’s house and all the ‘things’ so that they will be a big surprise on Christmas Day.
It’s very cold today. Do you think we will have snow for Christmas. I do hope so.
Charlie x



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